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S A V Realist 2846

      We purchased Realist on the 2013 Schaff Angus Valley Production Sale, selecting him for his remarkable depth, thickness, and powerful hind quarter. We felt that he would be a good cross on the Payweight daughters in our herd. Needless to say we have not been disappointed with the results. The Realist cattle are sound on the feet, attractive in body and build, and they posses powerful growth genetics to add dollars to your bottom line. Realist is a true power bull, and a herd improver.  


 Vision Unanimous 1418

 We feel that Vision Unanimous 1418 is one of the most exciting sires in the breed. We are really pleased with the Unanimous cattle, they’re moderate in frame size, easy fleshing, very correct in structure and phenotype, good footed, and have really dropped the scales throughout their development. Unanimous also adds a really nice twist to things with his outcross pedigree, which makes him very versatile to use on most any of our females and will allow him to be a sire that will be used for many years to come. His progeny represent the make and kind of cattle that we’re shooting for. Good bull!



Mohnen South Dakota 402

Mohnen South Dakota 402 was discovered by Abe while eating breakfast one morning and thumbing through the 2013 Mohnen Angus Sale Catalog. I remember Abe saying “this looks like quite a bull, Kaleb!” We gave strong consideration to buying him on the Mohnen Angus Production Sale that year, but chose to use him as an A.I. sire instead. Our first round of South Dakota calves performed really well and they have the attributes that we’re looking for. We love his pedigree with the infamous Jilt cow family, and especially having S A V 004 Density 4336 in his ancestry. We have been really impressed with the Density daughters that we’ve seen over the years and we’ve been looking for a way to increasingly incorporate that bloodline into our breeding program. South Dakota has the maternal traits and easy fleshing ability of Density and the growth and power of the Jilt cow family. The performance of Mohnen South Dakota 402’s progeny currently places him in the top 2% of the breed for Weaning Weight EPD and the top 5% for Yearling Weight EPD. We’re really excited about the genetic potential of his progeny. 


A&K Sunrise D052


 Come As U R Storyteller 17C 

We purchased Come As U R Storyteller 17C from Brooking Angus Ranch in 2016. Brooking is located in Saskatchewan Canada so he has affectionately been called Sas ever since he came to our ranch. His favorite thing is to come up and get scratched on the back. We are very pleased with how he has filled out and are starting to see what his calves look like.