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Below is our current herd sires we used for the yearling bulls and heifers that will be sold in our annual production sale on February 12, 2019. If you click on the name of the sire, it will take you to their current epd's and pedigree through the American Angus Association.  

 S A V Resource 1441

This is one of the most popular and heavily used sires in the breed over the past few years. He will produce moderate framed, easy fleshing cattle that are very sound footed and correct made. 



S A V Realist 2846

      We purchased Realist on the 2013 Schaff Angus Valley Production Sale, selecting him for his remarkable depth, thickness, and powerful hind quarter. We felt that he would be a good cross on the Payweight daughters in our herd. Needless to say we have not been disappointed with the results. He is the King of Kuck Ranch! The Realist cattle are sound on the feet, attractive in body and build, and they posses powerful growth genetics to add dollars to your bottom line. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for RADG. Realist is a true power bull, and a herd improver.  



 Vision Unanimous 1418

 We feel that Vision Unanimous 1418 is one of the most exciting sires in the breed. We are really pleased with the Unanimous cattle, they’re moderate in frame size, easy fleshing, very correct in structure and phenotype, good footed, and have really dropped the scales throughout their development. We have used him for several years now and the calves are always some of the heaviest at weaning. Unanimous also adds a really nice twist to things with his outcross pedigree, which makes him very versatile to use on most any of our females and will allow him to be a sire that will be used for many years to come. We have also found that his calves are very gentle natured and easy to handle. His progeny represent the make and kind of cattle that we’re shooting for. 



HA Cowboy Up 5405

The favorite bull of everyone at the ranch this year. The Cowboy Up calves, bulls and heifers alike, have been standouts this year. They were the fastest growing calves from birth to weaning and now as they are closer to a year of age, they are slowing down and starting to really fill out. Exactly what we are looking for! 




A&K Sunrise D052

This is a bull we raised right here on the ranch. A favorite of Abe's! His biggest assest to our herd is the females he produces. 


 Come As U R Storyteller 17C 

We purchased Come As U R Storyteller 17C from Brooking Angus Ranch in 2016. Brooking is located in Saskatchewan Canada so he has affectionately been called Sas ever since he came to our ranch. His favorite thing is to come up and get scratched on the back. We are very pleased with how he has filled out and are starting to see what his calves look like. The above picture does not do Sas justice, he just doesn't like to be photographed. 



Brooking Bank Note 4040

Bank Note cattle are extremely deep bodied, big middled cattle with above average carcass and excellent feet. We kept several daughters as replacements and have been very pleased with how they have kept their flesh so far. 



Coleman Charlo 0256

Charlo is a proven calving ease bull. His calves are extremely moderate, very correct made cattle with excellent feet. He will add muscle and thickness. His females should make excellent mother cows!



Mill Coulee Payweight 419

Payweight cattle are becoming more popular all the time. They are hard to beat for extreme growth. The cows are not always our favorite to look at, but they always bring home the biggest calves, breed back early and just keep going year after year. They are the cows that pay the bills. 


S A V Recharge 3436  

One of the many famous SAV flush brothers. We decided to use Recharge because he had a little less birth weight and a little better feed efficiency scores than his brothers. You can't go wrong with these bulls. Out of the famous Rito N Bar line and one of the greatest angus cows to date, Blackcap May 4136. 


Basin Yuma 4286

A calving ease bull with excellent feed efficiency and carcass traits. Females should be moderate framed with plenty of milk. 


Boyd Signature 1014

When we did our sire search for epd's that fit our criteria, Boyd Signature was the only bull that checked every box. He has one of the biggest spreads between RADG and DMI of any bulls we could find. He is also very rare in that his YH epd is greater than his MH epd. Expect Boyd Signature calves to be jet black and extremely long bodied. 


JMB Traction 292

The highest milk epd bull of all herd sires. We are very pleased with our Traction heifer calves. They appear to be very correct made and easy fleshing. We feel the greatest value will be in the females that Traction will produce. 


HF Who's That 7A

The biggest surprise of this year. 7A has surpassed all our expectations. The calves came early and grew like weeds! 7A is another bull that does everything right, phenotypically and on paper. 


Musgrave Sky High 1535

Sky High is a bull we chose to use to produce beautiful females. He is maternally charged on both sides of his pedigree. Sky High also has excellent carcass.